Who Needs to Take a US Citizenship Test and How Should One Prepare for it?

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Immigrants who have permanent residence in the United States often hope to become US citizens. While the number of immigrants who become American citizens rises and falls each year, about 844,000 green card holders became US citizens in 2019. Permanent residents need to satisfy several requirements before they become eligible to apply for US citizenship. […]

What Do Police Look for When They Search for Intoxicated Drivers on the Road?

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Police officers have broad authority to stop suspected drunk drivers, but they can’t do so on a whim. The Constitution prohibits an officer from stopping a driver unless the officer has a reasonable suspicion that the driver is violating the law. In a DUI case, that means the police need to see driving behavior that […]

Why You Shouldn’t Speak to the Police Without First Speaking to Your Attorney

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You have the right to remain silent. Everyone who watches crime dramas on television has heard about that right. Unfortunately, people who don’t have frequent encounters with the police rarely understand how important it is to exercise that right. Why You Should Exercise the Right to Remain Silent Constitutional rights are useless if you don’t […]

5 Things to Know About Transferring/Shipping/Possessing Firearms in Iowa

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The Second Amendment protects important rights. It nevertheless permits a significant degree of firearms regulation. To avoid an unpleasant encounter with federal or state law enforcement authorities, it is important for gun owners to understand what they can and cannot do when transferring, shipping, carrying, or possessing firearms. Here are five critical facts that every […]

At What Point Should I Obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL)?

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If you live in Iowa and own a firearm, you probably don’t need a license to sell that firearm to another Iowa resident. The law is more complicated if you are in the business of selling firearms. A firearms dealer needs to obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, […]

Are Lawyer Results Guaranteed?

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Diligence, resourcefulness, and determination are all part of a lawyer’s arsenal. Skillful criminal defense lawyers outwork and outthink prosecutors. That gives them an advantage in court and in negotiations. That advantage often translates into a satisfying result. Yet no lawyer can guarantee a result. Whether to offer a favorable outcome during plea negotiations is ultimately […]

How Do I Register My Firearm or Remove My Name from a Firearms Registration in Iowa?

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If you purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, you’ll need to fill out a form. That transaction record is required by federal law. While people sometimes think of the transaction record as a registration, it really isn’t. With only a few exceptions, firearms owners in Iowa are not required to register their weapons. Firearms […]

What Should I Expect from a Good Criminal Defense Attorney?

Anyone who has been accused of a crime needs a strong advocate. A defense attorney is someone the accused can trust and rely upon. Here are five things that a criminal defendant should expect from a good defense attorney. Personal Attention Client surveys show that the failure to return phone calls or emails is the […]

5 Things to Know About Bail in Iowa

Suspects who are arrested for a crime would prefer not to be confined in jail until their case is resolved. Fortunately, most suspects are released pending trial. While suspects refer to their release as being “bailed out of jail,” the concept of bail is often misunderstood. Here are five things that anyone facing arrest should […]