White-collar crime includes a full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.  Most white-collar cases involve non-violent conduct.  These crimes are financially motivated.  White-collar clients are often business executives and owners who hope to keep their legal matters out of the public eye.

We understand that even a hint of criminal conduct can damage an otherwise promising career.  We act quickly and discreetly in the representation of our white-collar clients.

We have represented clients with various types of criminal fraud, including identity theft, money laundering, credit card fraud, marketing fraud, forgery, embezzlement, employee theft, bank fraud, fraudulent bank loan applications, public assistance fraud, and internet crime.

We represent clients with the hope of keeping the cases out of court.  However, in some cases, charges may have already been filed.  We will aggressively defend those clients in state and federal courts.  

We have also represented clients in litigation involving allegations of overtime pay, ICE and I-9 audits, and underage labor cases.

Investigations into white-collar crimes tend to be complex, record driven, and time-intensive.  There may not be a lot of witnesses, but involve a significant number of documents.

We have an in-depth understanding of white-collar criminal law and procedure, as well as significant experience with grand jury investigations.

We aggressively address white-collar criminal charges and obtains the best results for his clients.

WHY Clients Choose Us.

When it comes to matters that can irrevocably affect your reputation, freedom, and future, you deserve excellent representation.

 Our clients choose us because we’re experienced, relentless, and effective.  We get results.

Mr. Scheetz has premium qualifications and an outstanding track record of success. 

He will assess your situation and explain your options, suggesting the best way forward. 

He will be with you all the way through the process, using his knowledge of the law to navigate you in the most challenging of circumstances. 


I was so lucky that Mr. Scheetz was my Immigration Lawyer. Everything seemed to turn from black to white after meeting with him. His immediate attention and action were extremely impressive. Thank you!

– Gina B.

I am so grateful for what Mr. Scheetz did for my cousin William J., he saved his life. And also he proved me wrong. My family and I are eternally thankful for all his efforts.

– Mike N.