Arson is intentionally damaging property through burning or explosion. It can refer to any property, but usually involves burning a building or vehicle. The degree of arson depends on the circumstances.

If you have been charged with arson, it can result in a serious criminal conviction. For the best possible outcome, contact a defense attorney immediately. At the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz we have successfully defended clients against arson charges. We will help you to understand your rights and you will have the confidence that you are being represented by an experienced trial lawyer.

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Fire or explosion

In many states (in Iowa?), explosions are also included in arson laws. This means that if you use an explosive force to cause damage you can also be convicted of arson even if that damage is from debris and not from fire. In other states, property damage caused by explosions is charged as a separate crime.

Property damage

To be convicted of arson the prosecution must show that your actions lead to someone else’s property becoming damaged. If no damage resulted from your actions no arson occurred. However, the damage can be very slight, and there is no requirement that the fire last any specific amount of time.

Property you own

While most arson crimes involve property that belongs to other people, you can also be charged with arson if you set fire to your own property. However, to be convicted of arson by must lead to someone else’s property getting damaged. For example, burning down your home or business with the intent to collect on your insurance policy is arson. Similarly, if you intentionally set fire to your property and that fire then leads to someone else’s property getting damaged, you may also be convicted of arson. Successfully defending an arson allegation often requires consulting and retaining an independent expert to refute the prosecution’s witnesses.

The experience of your lawyer will make a big difference in the sentencing you face, as well as the outcome of your trial.

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