Criminal convictions have a major impact on the immigration status of those who are not U.S. citizens. This includes persons that may have permanent residency, have US citizen children and spouse, and have legally lived in the U.S. for many years. Certain convictions can result in the loss of immigration status, deportation, and, potentially, a lifetime ban on the ability to return to the United States.

Given the severity of these consequences, it is critical to consult with an attorney such as Raphael M. Scheetz who understands the immigration consequences of crime. The sooner you contact him, the better.

At the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz, we understand the interaction between criminal law and immigration matters. We work diligently to avoid or reduce the negative immigration consequences of a conviction.

If you are convicted of committing a crime, including a crime as minor as possession of a marijuana pipe, you could be deported from the U.S. and even lose your green card.

The range of penalties also includes fines and a jail sentence. You could be found ineligible for naturalization, asylum or suspension of deportation.

Of course, if you are not guilty of the crime for which you are charged, we provide full criminal defense at trial against charges of drug crimes, assault, domestic violence, fraud and other crimes. If you seek to negotiate a favorable plea agreement, we can help you so that the plea agreement will have the least negative effect on your immigration status.

There are different strategies to fight removal cases. At the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz we will evaluate your case and give you an honest assessment of your situation and choose the best strategy to avoid removal. Depending on your circumstances, there are a number of strategies we may be able to employ, including:

  • Applying for cancellation of removal;
  • Applying for permanent residence;
  • Seeking waivers for criminal convictions, or other bars;
  • Making a case for hardship.

Contact the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz to discuss how we can help you.


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