Defense Strategies for Embezzlement Charges in Iowa


Embezzlement is the fraudulent taking of property that has been entrusted to the person’s care. A business bookkeeper who secretly transfers funds from a business account to her own account has committed the offense of embezzlement. A warehouse manager who steals goods and deletes them from warehouse records to conceal the theft would also be […]

Which Relatives May a US Citizen Bring to the US?

Family Immigration

The State Department issues family-based immigrant visas to citizens of a foreign country who are sponsored by the immediate relative of a US citizen. More distant relatives and relatives of a lawful permanent resident may be eligible for a family preference visa. There are many reasons that US citizens and lawful permanent residents (green card […]

Who Needs to Take a US Citizenship Test and How Should One Prepare for it?

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Immigrants who have permanent residence in the United States often hope to become US citizens. While the number of immigrants who become American citizens rises and falls each year, about 844,000 green card holders became US citizens in 2019. Permanent residents need to satisfy several requirements before they become eligible to apply for US citizenship. […]