Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Are you a business owner seeking to hire or retain a foreign born employee?   Are you a United States citizen who wants to marry someone who lives outside of the United States?  Are you seeking to become a United States citizen?  These common situations involving immigration, and many others, often require the assistance of an immigration attorney.

Whether you or someone you know needs an immigration attorney is typically determined by the person’s background and the reasons for entering the United States.  Each individual’s immigration case is unique, and in certain instances, a person may do just fine without an immigration attorney.  However, most people do not fully understand the ever-changing landscape of the United States immigration process.  Their potential immigration status may suffer.  They may even go to jail or get deported if they do not satisfy the terms and conditions of the immigration laws.

What is an Immigration Attorney?

An immigration attorney can prove to be a valuable asset.  With the help of a qualified immigration attorney, you will be guided by a professional who is up to date on the intricacies of the current immigration system.

An immigration attorney is not connected with the United States government.  The attorney works to help clients resolve issues related to immigration.  The most common issues include obtaining petitioning for family members, permanent residence (green cards), employment or work related visas, or United States citizenship.  Common issues also include defense to persons being removed or deported from the United States.

The following are three ways an immigration attorney can help your case:

Maximize the Speed of Your Case

Your immigration attorney will be knowledgeable of the exact paperwork and supporting documents needed to complete the case.  Therefore, this will remove the guesswork and potential research required to figure out what you may need to file.  You will be able to draw from the vast expanse of your attorney’s immigration knowledge to quickly come to a solution for the particular immigration status you are seeking.  This will help in the speedy resolution of the case, and also relieve the stress associated with filing a petition or application of which you are unsure.

Provide Multifaceted Solutions

Often times an immigration case can be a multifaceted issue requiring several different solutions.  Your immigration attorney will be able to help resolve most legal issues.  You may run into an unexpected problem at any time during the immigration process, but with the help of your attorney, you will be able to navigate the dilemma without worrying about its affect on your case.  A good immigration attorney will be able to see potential issues and address them before they become a reality.

Ensure Accuracy

The process of dealing with United States immigration rules is often complex and time-consuming.  Filling out the correct documents (have you ever tried to complete an Affidavit of Support?) on time can be a difficult task for those who are unfamiliar with the process.  Due to the amount of documentation typically required during the immigration process, it is typically just a matter of time before a mistake is made.  Any error can substantially harm your claim and lead to unknown delays.  Fortunately, with an experienced immigration attorney on your side, you will be able to have the confidence that inaccuracies and unnecessary delays will be avoided.

Immigration attorneys can not only help those looking to begin the immigration process but they can also be an asset to those whose applications have been denied or are struggling to push their claim through the process.  For those currently struggling through the immigration process, an immigration attorney can evaluate your claim and ensure everything is being handled properly.

Do You Need Help?

The benefits of an immigration attorney go far beyond the points mentioned above.  You can rest assured that retaining an immigration attorney will enhance the chance of success for your claim. Contact the Law Office of Raphael M. Scheetz to speak with an experienced attorney who will be able to assess your situation and determine the path through the immigration process that best fits your needs.  Do not let your immigration status go to chance–get the guidance you need to best ensure the success of your case.


I was so lucky that Mr. Scheetz was my Immigration Lawyer. Everything seemed to turn from black to white after meeting with him. His immediate attention and action were extremely impressive. Thank you!

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